Discover “E” — Questions & Answers for Teachers
  1. When will the Discover “E” program be held?
    Visits start in February and continue until most or all teachers have been matched. Most visits occur in March.
  2. Which teachers should take advantage of this program?
    The Discover “E” program is suitable for all K thru 12th grade teachers. It is of limited value to special education classes and these classes are difficult to match.
  3. How can I contact an engineer to speak to my students?
    Use the Discover “E” Classroom Sign-up Form. When a match is made you will receive an email directly from the volunteer. At this point schedule the visit. See question 6 to help you prepare for the visit. Questions? Email Marie Ciano at
  4. What format will the engineer’s presentation follow?
    The general format (although the teacher and engineer may negotiate a format which meets the teacher’s specific needs or class objectives) is as follows:
    • Introduction of engineer by teacher
    • Discussion by the engineer about different types of engineering, what engineers do, personal engineering background, etc.
    • Optional activities related to engineering, such as hands-on demonstrations, informational video tapes, etc.
    • Question-and-answer period
    • Engineer hands out brochures, bookmarks, posters, etc.

  5. What Discover “E” materials are available to give to the students?
    • Engineering and You  A brochure which provides information for students on how to become an engineer
    • Bookmarks: Students can mark their books with these colorful and fun mementos of the Discover “E” program.

  6. What should I discuss with the engineer in preparation for the visit?
    • Date and time of engineer’s presentation
    • Location of the school and classroom, and instructions for finding them
    • Grade level and number of students
    • Format and content of presentation most applicable to your class and your objectives. What will the class find most interesting?
    • Specific topics you would like the engineer to discuss to fit into your lesson plan
    • Whether a “hands-on” project or a video would be desirable
    • Materials and equipment requirements (copies of handouts, overhead projector, video monitor, etc.)
    • How you will prepare the students for the visit
    • Will parents be invited to attend?
    • Materials you would like to be left for the students (brochures, bookmarks, etc.)

  7. What ideas do you have for Discover “E” activities beyond the classroom?
  8. Is the Discover “E” program endorsed by any nationally recognized organizations?
    Yes. National Engineers Week enjoys continuing endorsement from a large number of organizations. See the National Engineers Week website for a list of sponsors.


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