History of SVEC

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) was envisioned by a group of engineers belonging to the Engineers Club of San  Jose and led by Mr. Joe Louis. The initial planning took place in April 1989. The first meeting of the Council prior to its  incorporation took place at San Jose State University and Dr. Dick Ehrlich was nominated as the first President of the Council.  A team consisting of Mr. Jim Hill (SAMPE), Ms. Mary Rogers (SWE), and Dr. Fred Barez (ASME) took on the charter of writing the  Council’s BYLAWS. By June 1989, and by nominations from the floor, the first officers of the Council were appointed. These  included Dr. Jay Pinson (ECSJ) President, Mr. Jim Hill (SAMPE) Vice President, Mr. Mario Baratta (APWA) Secretary, and Dr. Fred  Barez (ASME) Treasurer. Mr. Peter Giles, President and CEO of the Tech Museum of Innovation and Mr. Paul Nyberg of Silicon  Engineer Magazine were early supporters of the Council.

The Law Offices of Sims and Gunkel of San Jose and the generous support of Mr. Phil Sims was instrumental in establishing the  Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) to be registered as a California Public Benefit Non-Profit Corporation under IRS 501  (C) (3) status in September 1989.

Member organizations suggested having a logo for the Council. Several suggestions were presented and the current logo was  selected. It shows a silicon wafer with several integrated chips. The five marked dies indicate the original five member  organizations.

By late October 1989, the Council took on the responsibility of organizing the annual Engineers’ Week Banquet. This has become  a major activity of the Council over the past years. In November 1989, Dr. Jay Pinson (ECSJ) proposed establishing the Silicon  Valley Engineering Hall of Fame Award- The purpose of the award is to recognize persons within the Silicon Valley area who have  earned distinction through engineering and technical achievements and who made outstanding contributions to the engineering  profession and to the Silicon Valley community. 1990 was the first year Hall of Fame inductees were Dr. A. Louis London, Mr.  Leo Ruth, and Dr. Frederick Terman.