Full Council Meeting

Venue: Ozen Inc. (1210 E Arques Ave #207, Sunnyvale, CA 94085)

June 28th, 2017 at 6:00 pm (Food will be served. Please RSVP)


  • Elections for the 2017-18 BoD + Exec Committee
  • TechShop Applications processing
  • Speaker: Dr. Ali Merchant (iQ3Connect)

Human beings are visual, immersive thinkers... but why don't we make products this way? When you and your team can interact hands-on with the design... walk around it with your feet instead of a mouse... only then will you see it the same way as customers. When your team members can see the product this way you can be sure that everyone shares the same vision, allowing more unified collaboration. iQ3 Virtual Reality Platform is the collaborative VR service for your CAD and simulation, making it as accessible as video conferencing. See how iQ3 can break down the barriers of understanding.

Dr. Merchant received his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is the Founder and President of CADNexus. Dr. Merchant has over 12 years of commercial software development experience in the CAD/PLM market space. Ali Merchant founded CADNexus after 5 years of leading innovative research in turbomachinery propulsion at MIT. He has been the lead researcher on advanced aircraft propulsion projects in collaboration with NASA and major US aerospace companies. Ali brings deep experience and knowledge of computational software and simulation-based design systems combined with strong domain expertise to the CADNexus team. Ali holds a Masters and Ph.D. from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT.


SVEC at 2017 Maker Faire:
Playing with Infrared Thermography and Laser Cut Wood Projects

#1247 in big white Zone 10 Make Activities tent by East Gate parking lot

Maker Faire is May 19-21 and volunteers with SVEC booth will demonstrate IR photography and facilitate a laser cutting project. Volunteering with the SVEC booth gets you a day pass to Maker Faire and our undying gratitude!

We need the SVEC booth covered at all times and they give us a limited number of admission tickets to make this happen. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN UP unless you CAN make this commitment. If you don’t show up, it wastes the valuable ticket and makes it very hard for the people who are working at the booth and need support. Contact Elise Engelhardt at [email protected]
Sign up at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4daea62fa4f49-svec1

“Learn To Solder” Booth ALSO needs volunteers!

Want to help teach others how to solder, and attend Maker Faire for free? Sign up at the following link for a shift as an instructor in the Learn to Solder booth, one of the most popular activities at the Faire, and receive entry to Maker Faire, plus some additional perks! As a helper in the Learn to Solder booth, your main task will be to assist attendees in soldering their own pin from a kit. It’s very basic and you don’t need much or any experience in soldering. You can learn, too! The most important requirements are patience and comfort teaching people of all ages. You may also assist in directing people to open spots and signing people up. Volunteering with the Learn to Solder booth gets you a day pass plus a volunteer t-shirt (and maybe additional swag). Signup for “Learn to Solder” is here: https://mfbaltstraveler2017.eventbrite.com

Calendar of the SVEC

Jun 28, 2017 SVEC Full Council meeting & Election
Sept 27, 2017 SVEC Full Council meeting
Nov (TBD) 2017 SVEC Open House Reception (looking for a venue)
Jan 24, 2018 SVEC Full Council meeting
Feb 15, 2018 Engineers Week Banquet
Apr 25, 2018 SVEC Full Council meeting
Jun 27, 2018 SVEC Full Council meeting & Election

Board of Directors for 2016–2017

Yashesh Shroff, Ph.D. (IEEE-CPMT), President
Michael Wright, P.E. (IEEE), , Secretary
Metin Ozen, Ph.D. (ASME Fellow), Treasurer
Guy Dellavecchia (SME), Director
Rajiv Mathur (IEEE-CS), Director
Jerry Pohorsky(EAA), Director
Mahmood Khan (IEEE), Director
Yllka Masada, Director
Elise Engelhardt(ASME), Past President