Full Council Meeting, Wednesday, October 4, 2017
from 6 pm to 8 pm at Prospect Silicon Valley

Location: ProspectSV, 1608 Las Plumas Avenue, San Jose, CA
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Many thanks to Prospect Silicon Valley for providing space for SVEC. Visit their site at http://prospectsv.org/


6:00pm - Networking and dinner

6:30pm - Council highlights and member society updates 

6:45pm - SJSU introduction

6:50pm - Featured talk (see below)

7:40pm - Open House discussion and treasury updates

8:00pm - Adjurn

Introduction to Data Mining Algorithms, and their Evolution Over Time

Abstract: In the 80’s, Expert Systems were hot. The Expert System rule bases reached scaling challenges, and challenges with experts, based on different experience, would cause conflicting rules. Early use of the phrase “machine learning” was for decision trees as software algorithms were used to “learn rules” in a tree form.

In this engaging talk at SVEC’s Full Council meeting, Greg Makowski will cover the history of Machine Learning and modern algorithms. It’s bound to be a fun ride. Please RSVP and plan on attending since we will have limited capacity. Greg will present an understanding of Algorithms at a graphical and intuitive level through examples, such as regression, neural nets, and decision trees. We will go into use cases and how you may be able to leverage ML in your own fields. Deep nets will be touched on, along with an introduction to the ways they can be reconfigured in different architectures.

No prior background required specific to AI.

About Greg Makowski (Bio)

Greg has been deploying data mining since 1992, over the last 25 years, and has lived through various changes over time. He has had a number of consulting or product prototyping and architecture roles over the years, most recently working in financial services, fraud, web behavior and natural language processing (NLP). From a hands-on perspective, he has been using R mostly in the last 5 years and is starting to work with Python.

Welcome New Board of Directors for 2017–2018

        Yashesh Shroff (IEEE-CPMT), President
        Yllka Masada (IEEE-CS), Vice President
        Michael Wright (IEEE), Secretary
        Elise Engelhardt (ASME), Treasurer
        Guy Dellavecchia (SME), Director
        Mahmood Khan (PMI), Director
        Jerry Pohorsky (EAASV), Director
        Kirk Steyer (AIChE), Director
        Sonali Tathode (SWE), Director 

Calendar of the SVEC

Oct 4, 2017 SVEC Full Council meeting
Nov (TBD) 2017 SVEC Open House Reception (looking for a venue)
Jan 24, 2018 SVEC Full Council meeting
Feb 15, 2018 Engineers Week Banquet
Apr 25, 2018 SVEC Full Council meeting
Jun 27, 2018 SVEC Full Council meeting & Election