SVEC Webinar Series: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Engineers: ChatGPT and Beyond! Expert Panel from IEEE, ACM, ASME…

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SVEC Webinar Series – June 2023
Artificial Intelligence Applications for Engineers: ChatGPT and Beyond! Expert Panel from IEEE, ACM, ASME…

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) is excited to present its upcoming webinar series titled “Artificial Intelligence Applications for Engineers: ChatGPT and Beyond!” taking place in June 2023. This highly anticipated event will feature an expert panel comprising distinguished professionals from renowned engineering organizations such as IEEE, ACM, and ASME. The panel discussion will explore the expansive realm of artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in engineering, with a special focus on ChatGPT and its potential in the field. Moderated by SVEC President, Sharif Zadeh, this webinar promises to provide valuable insights, cutting-edge research, and thought-provoking discussions on the future of AI in engineering. Attendees can expect an engaging and enlightening experience as they delve into the latest advancements and possibilities offered by AI technology in various engineering disciplines.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands at the forefront of technological innovation, catalyzing advancements across various engineering disciplines. Electrical engineers harness AI’s potential to create intelligent power systems, optimize energy use, and integrate renewable energy sources. Software engineers utilize AI to automate tasks such as code generation, testing, debugging, while also creating intelligent chatbots and recommendation systems. In mechanical engineering, AI enhances the design processes, lightens structures, and augments aerodynamics. Civil engineers apply AI to foster sustainable infrastructure design, urban planning, and real-time health monitoring of structures.

Meanwhile, chemical engineers capitalize on AI for process optimization, molecular design, and the development of eco-friendly chemical reactions. In the automotive sector, AI drives advancements in autonomous vehicles, design enhancement, and efficient manufacturing. Finally, materials and manufacturing engineers employ AI to discover innovative materials, fine-tune manufacturing procedures, and maintain stringent quality control.

The multifaceted applications of AI underscore its transformative influence in engineering, stimulating innovation, and expanding the horizon of possibilities. This panel discussion intends to navigate the expansive landscape of AI, emphasizing its diverse applications in engineering and exploring the potential of ChatGPT within the discipline.


6:00 PM – 8:00 PM


Online via Zoom


  • Introduction and Overview of AI in Engineering:
  • SVEC President, Sharif Zadeh, will kick off the webinar by providing an introduction to the topic, highlighting the significance of artificial intelligence (AI) in the engineering domain. This session will set the stage for the subsequent discussions.
  • Panel Discussion: Exploring AI Applications in Engineering:
  • Distinguished experts from engineering societies will engage in a dynamic panel discussion, exploring the expansive realm of AI and its applications in various engineering fields. The panelists will delve into the potential of ChatGPT, showcasing real-world examples and success stories. They will also address challenges, ethical considerations, and the future implications of AI in engineering.
  • Q&A Session with the Panelists:
  • Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the expert panelists by submitting their questions. This interactive session will allow for deeper insights, clarification, and further exploration of topics discussed during the panel discussion.
  • Closing Remarks and Future Outlook:
  • Panelists will provide concluding remarks, summarizing key takeaways from the webinar. They will highlight the significance of AI technology in shaping the future of engineering and provide insights into upcoming developments and trends to watch out for.
  • Throughout the webinar, attendees can expect to gain valuable insights, explore cutting-edge research, and engage in thought-provoking discussions on the applications and future potential of AI in engineering.


  • Moderator: Sharif Zadeh, SVEC President
  • The Panelists are being finalized and will be announced soon and will be sent to the webinar attendees who registered for this webinar by email.

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Call for Nominations: Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame 2024

Call for Nominations: Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame 2024

Nominations Page:

The Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) is now accepting nominations for the prestigious 2024 Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame (HoF) Award. This honor is given annually to exceptional engineers, technology leaders, and scientists within Silicon Valley who have made significant contributions both professionally and to the greater community.

Selection Criteria Inductees will be chosen based on:

  • Professional Achievement (50%): Demonstrating significant engineering or technical accomplishments, guidance in new and developing fields, and noteworthy contributions in design, manufacturing, production, or service through the use of engineering principles and applications.
  • Service To The Profession (30%): Significant contributions to one or more technical societies.
  • Service To The Community (20%): Significant community service activities or noteworthy advice to governmental committees.

Applications Nomination applications must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Typed, organized, and professional presentation.
  • Clearly labeled information using the requested headings.
  • Limit of 10 pages for responses and one page each for the three required reference letters (13-page total).
  • Submit the original and 10 copies of the application.
  • Applications should be reproducible on a standard black & white copier.
  • Do not include journal or magazine articles, company brochures, or similar materials.
  • Silicon Valley Engineering Council letterhead is not to be used.
  • Applications cannot be submitted by fax or email.
  • All applications must be signed and dated by the nominator(s).
  • Include all requested information (as listed on the website).

Deadline The deadline for submitting HoF applications is 5:00 pm, Friday, October 13, 2023.

Application Process For instructions on how to mail your applications, please email “HoF @”. Faxes and emails will not be accepted.

Selection Process The Awards Committee will review only those applications that conform to the Application Standards and Requested Information. After reviewing the nominations, the Committee may select one or more nominees for induction into the Hall of Fame. Recipients are required to attend the Induction Ceremony during the Engineers Week Banquet in February 2024.

Each nomination application, if not selected, will be retained and reviewed for two additional years.

For more information on the nomination criteria and to download the application forms, visit the Silicon Valley Engineering Council website.

We look forward to your nominations and recognizing the exceptional contributions of our community’s engineering leaders. Celebrate these achievements and inspire future innovation by nominating a deserving individual for the Silicon Valley Engineering Hall of Fame 2024.



Engineering Week Banquet 2023

Highlights Video

32nd SVEC Annual Engineers Week Banquet &

Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony

The 32nd SVEC Annual Engineers Week Banquet and Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony took place on February 24, 2023, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. President Sharif Zadeh expressed gratitude to attendees and acknowledged the challenges faced due to the pandemic. The SVEC successfully organized the event, highlighting the impact of the pandemic and the organization’s initiatives to expand outreach to engineers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The program’s theme was “Artificial Intelligence: From Science to Engineering,” featuring keynote speaker Dr. Kang Shen from Stanford Neuroscience Institute. Dr. Bill Dally, Chief Scientist of NVIDIA, was honored as the 2023 Hall of Fame inductee. Past Hall of Famers and distinguished guests were recognized for their contributions.

President Zadeh discussed the future directions of the SVEC, proposing new programs like the Silicon Valley Hall of Fame Club and an Annual Corporate Membership program. He emphasized the importance of sponsorships and support from corporations and Hall of Fame members.

Dr. Kang Shen’s keynote speech focused on the frontiers and challenges of neuroscience, discussing topics such as genetic contributions to intelligence, neural mechanisms of spatial navigation, and advancements in artificial retinas.

Dr. Fred Barez introduced Dr. Bill Dally as the 2023 Hall of Fame inductee, recognizing his exceptional contributions to engineering. A tribute video celebrated Dr. Dally’s achievements and highlighted his impact in the field.

During his acceptance speech, Dr. Dally expressed gratitude for the Hall of Fame induction and credited the teamwork behind his accomplishments. He highlighted the evolution of stream processing into GPU Computing, the revolution of deep learning, and the importance of efficiency in GPU Computing.

Overall, the event celebrated the achievements of engineers, highlighted the latest advancements in artificial intelligence and neuroscience, and emphasized the importance of continued support and collaboration in engineering endeavors.