Discover “E” (E for engineering) is a nationwide student outreach program to expose elementary, junior and senior high school students to engineering and cultivate their interest in math, science, and engineering. This outreach program takes place annually in Silicon Valley from the beginning of National Engineers Week until the end of March. The Discover “E” program was initiated in 1990. Thousands of engineers throughout the United States participate in the program every year. The Discover “E” outreach effort in the South Bay area has been coordinated by the Silicon Valley Engineering Council since 1992.

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Although engineering is second only to teaching in the number of professional practitioners, there is an astounding level of ignorance of what it is that engineers do, even among children of engineers. The engineers participating in the Discover “E” program help to address this deficiency. They serve as role models and illustrate the importance of education in math and science, not only for a career in engineering but simply as preparation for living in our increasingly complex world. This program welcomes new volunteers to participate in this outreach effort. Even if you have never done anything like this before, you can take advantage of orientation sessions and be provided with materials to take with you into the classroom.

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Silicon Valley Leaders
Are Saying

Leaders who have made big difference in our lives

Dr. Fred Barez
WWe started Silicon Valley Engineering Council back in 1990 and I’m really excited to be part of it, our purpose was to create an umbrella organization for all technical societies in Silicon Valley…

Dr. Fred Barez

SVEC Hall of Fame Inductee 2020

Dr. Terry Shoup
SVEC Hall of Fame is really a tremendous honor in Silicon Valley, there are some wonderful people who have been inducted to the Hall of Fame and they’ve done really significant things for this community, they cross boundaries and what they’ve done in engineering have made such a big difference in our lives…

Dr. Terry Shoup

Former Dean of Engineering, Santa Clara University, SVEC Hall of Fame

Dr. Steven Chu
It’s essential to keep the flow of young people excited to go into professions that really build for the future, and I wish Silicon Valley Engineering Council the best of success…

Dr. Steven Chu

Former Secretary of Energy, Nobel Laureate, Professor at Stanford University

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