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Technological Deep Dive into the Miracle Transmitter

March 20 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm PDT

Existing telecom infrastructure is inefficient and not energy scalable to future demand. The villain here is physics. Using today’s technology, universal 5G coverage for the United States alone would require a 16x increase in base stations and a 48x increase in power usage. Totaling over $1.2T in cost, the amount of power that would need to be consumed is not feasible or sustainable. Eridan has developed an entirely new way to generate radio frequency signals at power, reducing the cost to deploy universal, high-speed wireless coverage by 10-100x. Eridan's Miracle is the world’s first switch-mode direct polar transmitter in gallium nitride. No other transmitter provides power efficiency, signal cleanliness, and spectrum agility all at the same time. Ultimately, this solution is applicable to every wireless market. In a small cell, the Miracle transmitter is twice as efficient as systems using linear power amplifiers and covers the same area at half the output power, due to the ultra-clean signals of its switched circuits. At scale, the Miracle reduces the cost of high-speed wireless coverage by up to 10x, and by up to 100x in sparse rural areas. Miracle’s frequency agility also opens the door for new spectrum allocation models, solving the artificial spectrum scarcity created by today’s rigid, frequency-fixed approach. In the near future, Miracle will also be built into a massive MIMO proof of concept system. Linear amplifiers are inefficient, and the future must be efficient. The future is fundamentally new transmitter architecture in gallium nitride, and the future is now.
Co-sponsored by: IEEE Power Electronics Society, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Speaker(s): Douglas, Mashrur
Room: Rm 4021, 500 El Camnino Real, Sobrato Campus for Discovery and Innovation, Santa Clara, California, United States, 95053

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