Nominations for Keeper Of The Flame

The 2019 Awards applications are due on February 15, 2019 (postmarked). You may also email a copy in Microsoft Word format to speed processing to jjew128 @ The award will be announced and awarded at the SVEC Engineers Week Banquet on February 23, 2019.

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Please download an application in MS Word format

During the 1990s, the content of K-12 mathematics and science courses came under attack by the education establishment. These “new math,” “integrated math,” “discovery math,” etc. courses sought to protect students from difficulties in learning traditional mathematical skills. But it failed to provide students with the proper mathematical skills. Science education also suffered due to an “anti science movement.” This includes attacks on what scientists do, how they affect society and the scientific method of reaching objective truth.

However, there are many teachers who still recognize that their job is to teach mathematics and science skills, and not to fall to the whims of educrats. These teachers display great integrity in defying the education establishment to ensure that their students actually learn mathematics and science.

The SVEC Keeper of the Flame award recognizes and honors those heroes of middle and high school education who have distinguished themselves as Keepers of the Flame of knowledge by maintaining high standards of content in mathematics and science instruction in the face of significant challenges. This award is not intended just to recognize outstanding teaching ability.

Technology teachers also eligible to receive Keepers of the Flame award.

The award will consist of a plaque and a cash grant of $500 (five hundred dollars), both to be given directly to the winning teacher. The award funds are to be used by the teacher for educational purposes. Each year, up to two teachers will be recognized.

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