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Summer 2017 we had provided seats for low income kids at the STEAM Scholarship Program at the San Jose TechShop location.  However this program is now on hold as the TechShop chain has declared bankruptcy.  We will post further details as they become available.  

Students age 8-17 who are selected will receive 30 hours of sponsored education in their choice of learning tracks at no charge. This can be a Summer Camp (1 week- morning or evening) or a Fall 2017 After School Program (8 weeks Tu/Th(Design & Build) or M/W(Basic Electronics)).  This educational curriculum, set in a fun and encouraging environment, is essential to developing engineering and innovative thoughts in young adults.  The STEAM scholarship program provides opportunities for youth who would otherwise not have access to TechShop's summer or after-school STEAM programming.

The process is simple, applicants must simply fill out this online application and they will be emailed as to the status of their acceptance. In addition there are a very few additional special scholarships available for ages 16-17 which also include a 6 month membership at TechShop for the applicant and a parent as well as 6 additional class vouchers to share.  Please indicate if you would like to apply for one of these scholarships and fill out the additional question on how your parent can support you in this.  

We need your help to impact the lives of as many kids as possible and get the word out there. We are looking to distribute these scholarships to kids in families who make under the local living wage. Applicants must also have a desire to learn and be a part of the maker community.

To become a Sponsor for this opportunity see the donation page.