March 4: World Engineering Day – Join SVEC in Fostering Innovation and Sustainability!

To celebrate World Engineering Day, the Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) embraces the occasion to highlight the remarkable contributions of engineers towards sustainable development and innovation. This global observance on March 4th serves as a reminder of the pivotal role that engineering plays in advancing society, fostering technological advancements, and addressing environmental challenges. It’s a day for our community to share their achievements, engage in meaningful discussions, and participate in events that showcase engineering’s transformative power.

SVEC is proud to support Discover-E programs, which aim to inspire the next generation of engineers through mentorship, educational outreach, and hands-on activities. We encourage our members to become involved by sharing their experiences, volunteering for Discover-E events, and fostering an environment where young minds can discover the excitement and possibilities within the field of engineering. This engagement is crucial in nurturing a diverse and innovative future workforce equipped to solve the world’s pressing problems.

In recognition of World Engineering Day, we invite our members to visit the SVEC Discover-E sign-up page to find out how they can make a difference. Whether it’s through participating in community outreach, leading workshops, or simply sharing your story, every action contributes to a larger impact. For more information and to get involved, please visit our website at SVEC Discover-E Program:

Additionally, to learn more about World Engineering Day and access resources for planning and participating in events, we encourage our members to visit the official DiscoverE page dedicated to the day. This platform provides valuable information and tools for engineers and educators alike to celebrate engineering’s contributions and potential. Explore activities, educational resources, and ways to get involved at World Engineering Day – DiscoverE. Let’s unite in celebration of engineering’s ability to innovate for a better future.

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