The Silicon Valley Engineering Council (SVEC) represents engineering societies throughout the Silicon Valley and is dedicated to the coordination and communication among these societies to sponsor and promote activities of an educational and scientific nature. 

Membership in SVEC strengthens your alliance with engineering society leaders so you can better serve your constituents in support of your charters. Please join us! 

To Qualify
To qualify a local chapter or section of a society should have at least 50 members. The society should be a non-profit educational organization with a purpose to advance the technical capabilities and knowledge of its members. 

  • There are no individual memberships, only for societies/organizations. Board members and delegates are members of their respective member societies. 

    Individuals can participate in council meetings and sponsored events. However, only board officers and delegates of member societies are allowed to vote on SVEC business. 

    The SVEC also welcomes company sponsors to assist in SVEC programs. 

To Join

Submit a letter requesting application to the SVEC membership committee. Use this draft letter (SME was used as an example). 

$200 for chapters of 200 or more local members.
$100 for chapters of less than 200 local members.

  • Download the Membership Letter, change applicable info in the bold with your word processor, and email it to SVEC Director of Membership, Elise Engelhardt at engelhardte @ Or print it and mail it to SVEC. Mailing address is on the draft letter. 

    Please mail a check for the first year’s dues with your application. Write check to “SVEC.” 

Approval: Membership committee will present your letter to the Board of Directors for approval.

Agreements and Commitments:  

  • Agreement that the Council shall not be committed by any act of a Member Organization, 
  • Commitment that a Member Organization delegate or alternate attend all of the scheduled Council meetings, 
  • Agreement to abide by any reasonable commitment made by its delegate or alternate to the council, 
  • Willingness to pay dues according to the schedule in By-Laws and any other charges for services rendered, 
  • Willingness to abide by these By-Laws. 

New members joining the Council prior to February 1 pay full current year dues to complete fiscal year. New members joining after February 1 pay half the current year dues. The fiscal year is from July 1 to June 30.