Chandrakant Patel is a Senior Fellow at Hewlett-Packard Company (HP) and Chief Engineer at HP Labs. A keen observer of technological inflections, Chandrakant is a pioneer in the design of information technology (IT) infrastructures and in the application of IT for solving societal problems. He has a proven track record of delivering innovations across the R&D lifecycle, from breakthrough research contributions to large-scale technology commercialization.

While managing HP Labs, HP’s central research division, he led the delivery of innovations in storage, networking, print engines, and software platforms. Previously, Chandrakant was amongst the earliest to foresee the need to manage the energy consumption of the Internet, subsequent to which he founded the Smart Data Center research program at HP Labs. A recognized thought leader around the interplay between IT and sustainability, he has also charted new directions for the industry to manage internet-connected “cyber-physical” systems—particularly for reducing the consumption of available energy in city-scale urban infrastructures.

Chandrakant is a strong advocate of fundamental training in science and engineering. He has taught at Chabot College, UC Berkeley Extension, Santa Clara University and San Jose State University and serves on the EECS Industrial Advisory Board at UC Berkeley. He has been granted 133 patents, has authored more than 150 papers, and is a Fellow of the IEEE and the ASME. Chandrakant holds an AS in Engineering from the City College of San Francisco, a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley, and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from San Jose State University. Chandrakant and wife, Meera, have three children.