2003: Dr. Mihir Parikh

Founder of Asyst Technologies, Inc.

2003: Mr. Kumar Malavalli

Co-Founder of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.

2004: Dr. Chang-Lin Tien

Late Chancellor of the University of California at Berkeley and Pioneer in Heat Transfer

2004: Dr. Marcian E. “Ted” Hoff, Jr.

Inventor of computer “Mouse” and Recipient of National Medal of Technology

2004: Mr. Steven G. Wozniak

Inventor of Apple Computers and Founder, Chairman & CEO of Wheels of Zeus

2005: Dr. Dan Maydan

President Emeritus of Applied Materials, Academy of Engineering

2005: Dr. David Patterson

Chair of EE and Computer Science, UCB, Academy of Engineering

2005: Dr. Douglas Engelbart

Inventor of computer “Mouse” and Recipient of National Medal of Technology

2005: Dr. T.J. Rodgers

Founder, President and CEO Cypress Semiconductor

2005: Mr. Kenneth Levy

Founder and COB of KLA-Tencor Corp, Academy of Engineering

2006: Dr. Lotfi Zadeh

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley

2006: Dr. Thomas Kailath

Hitachi America Professor of Engineering Emeritus at Stanford University

2006: Mr. Jack Baskin

Founder of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at the University of California, Santa Cruz

2010: Dr. Alan M. Title

Director/Senior Fellow of Lockheed Martin Space Systems, Stanford-Lockheed Institute for Space Research

2010: Mr. Richard J. Elkus, Jr.

Author of “Winner Take All: How Competitiveness Shapes the Fate of Nations”, Director Lam Research and Member of the Board of Trustees of The Scripps Research Institute

2011: Dr. Terry E. Shoup

Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Executive Director for International Programs, Former Dean of Engineering, Santa Clara University Past President, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

2011: Ms. Celeste Volz Ford

CEO/Founder Stellar Solutions, Inc.

2012: Dr. J. Patrick Kennedy


2012: Dr. Joseph W. Goodman

Professor Emeritus, Stanford University

2012: Dr. Sam David Haddad

President, HTCS Consulting Services

2014: Dr. James D. Plummer

Dean, School of Engineering, Stanford University

2014: Mr. Chandrakant D. Patel

HP Senior Fellow and Chief Engineer, Hewlett-Packard Laboratories

2014: Mr. Steve L. Poizner

Founder of EmpoweredU, co-founder of California Charter Schools Association
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